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Signed up with a VPN, now problems with country

Signed up with a VPN, now problems with country


Family Premium


Registered - Portugal

Actual Use/Location - USA



MBAir Early 2014

Operating System

High Sierra


My Question or Issue

 Trying to add a new family member to our family plan.  Our VPN was on when this family member created an account - so spotify has them registered in Portugal.  When they try to verify address to validate family plan - it won't work of course because their account is registered in Portugal while the main family account (and their actual physical location) is the USA.


I followed steps to change their location from Portugal to USA - I turned off the VPN, chose USA from drop down country box, but when I go to save profile, it says that the e-mail account is currently taken!!!


Maddening!!!  I'm logged in to the account under THAT e-mail address.  I'm in the "My account section" for that e-mail address.  I'm entering the password on the update profile section for that e-mail address - but because it doesn't like the e-mail address - it won't let me save the profile with the updated accurate country information.


Can any community members or spotify employees help me out of this looped form nightmare?  As a family premium account holder - this is very frustrating.

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Hey @HRC6.


Thanks for getting in touch.


In this case it's best if the user that wants to join your family plan closes his/her account so a new account can be created. Make sure you create this account without a VPN activated. You can read here how to close an account.


Good luck! let us know if you have further questions 🙂


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