Single released (please help!!!!)


Single released (please help!!!!)


ok so here's the thing: I posted a song via TuneCore on Spotify. The thing is that I (my fault) didn't look if there was already any other artist out there that had the same artist name as me. So I uploaded my song, and the thing is that there was somebody else with the same artist name as me, so the song now as been uploaded to his account as a ''new release'', but it's actually my song, so I would like to take it off his account and put it on a personnalized artist account and also have myself an artist account. I would like to change artist name, so that it could go out on my page. I would like to only switch the song from his account to mine without losing all the statistics on the song so far.

The name of the song is Printemps, and the artist name is : PH.

There is already another artist as mentionned that is named PH, he's a rapper, and I'm a pianist, so it doesn't work.


I'd like to have MY page, and change artist name to : Philippe Boucher (instead of pH).

Could I have my artist page, with my single that I released on it, with access to this account?


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Re: Single released (please help!!!!)



I see what your problem is. I am an artist on Spotify as well. Here's what you can do!

1. Sign in to your aggregator and change the name of the artist on the track and send an update to spotify from them.

2. Wait! (This can take up to 7 days to complete, however some aggregators can do so within 3 days, sometimes right away, depending on when you request the change)!

3. Ta-da! Done.


I Really Hope This Helped!

-Eric (SchoolOfWonders),

Fellow Artist On Spotify