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Site saying 9.99 billed in 2 days but paid 0.99 for 3-mth trial

Site saying 9.99 billed in 2 days but paid 0.99 for 3-mth trial

I clicked to subscribe for the 3 month trial for 0.99 cents a month. I used PayPal which calculated to 1.03 CAD. It withdrew out of my account but the info in my account on the site says my subscription will be renewed "2015-05-15" at a charge of 9.99 ... That's only two days from now.

I signed up to pay 9.99 until my trial is over. What's going on?
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EDIT: I signed up to pay 0.99 until my trial is over **

I'm having the exact same issue, signed up for $0.99 for the first 3 months, but my account settings state $9.99 right off the bat.

I just had the exact same problem, with the renewal date being today instead. The worst part is that I used an unreloadable Visa gift card with just under $2 on it (I don't trust myself with an actual credit card) to pay for it, so it would be a huge problem if it actually charged me $9.99.


In the end, I tried cancelling it (because a friend who cancelled his free trial early told me that he still kept said trial until it ended), but I ended up losing my premium subscription instead. 😞

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Have any of you ever had subscriptions before? If you have then I believe the promotion won't be valid.


If you haven't had one before, could you post a screenshot of your subscriptions page showing the renewal date and your the receipt showing the date when you got charged 0.99?




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I have not had a subscription with Spotify before, but, since I cancelled my subscription, my subscription page does not show the renewal date anymore.


With that being said, here's my receipt:Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 12.38.52 PM.png

I'm having the same issue, never had a premium account before either. I signed up today and it's showing today as the day I get charged $9.99. I'm really hoping that doens't go through as well as the $1.08 for the trial. You'd think Spotify could have some kind of pop up for users that have had premium before, seems kinda shady to just make the transaction and then tell you you'll be charged full pricer after the fact. If the price differs you'd better tell me before running my darn card....Cat Mad


.....and just like that it's been changed. Cat Happy

Thank you if someone did something, but now it's showing a date 3 months out, consider me a-ok.


Same issue. Ive been billed 9,99 through paypal instead of 0,99. Please help.

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