[Solved] Cannot connect my account on my Tesla


[Solved] Cannot connect my account on my Tesla

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Hi folks,

I have a Family Spotify Account.

I log in Spotify using Facebook.


Since 2 years I'm using my Spotify account in my car (Tesla)

But now I cannot connect anymore (it says login or password incorrect)

I guess as I'm using Facebook to connect to spotify I should do this to connect:

Userid: my Facebook email (the email I created my Facebook account)
Password: my Facebook password


But it doesn't work... always got that message "login or password incorrect"


I even tried to change my FB password, still the same problem.

If I use the Tesla provided account, it works. But I want to use my account, not a new one.


Thanks in advance for your help, folks !



Solved it myself by getting a device login and passeword thru my spotify account.


Weird because before I was connecting with my FB credentials,


Anyway it works


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Re: [Solved] Cannot connect my account on my Tesla


Hey @BrunoSbille, welcome to the Community!


Good to know you were able to sort everything out.


If you ever need us again, you can reach out to us here or on Twitter/Facebook.


Have an awesome day 🙂