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[Solved] Why can't I get the new special offer?

[Solved] Why can't I get the new special offer?



I'm in Belgium and there is a new special offer for Spotify Premium to 0,99 € during 3 months. When I go to the Premium subscription to pay, there is a little message saying that I don't meet the required criteria. Why? What are those criteria???


Do some Belgians ever meet this issue?


Thanks for helping.




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Hi @Lisa7503,

Did you ever get in touch with Spotify Premium?

If yes and I think so, then you aren't able to get this Special offer. These offers are normally only for users who are completely new to Spotify Premium.

i hope I could answer your question with that.


Have a good one!


Hi @Quanty,


Thanks for replying! 😉


Yes, I already got a Spotify Premium. I didn't think about this issue... Stupid woman I am! 😄


Have a good day!




Could happen to everyone! 😜

Good to hear that I could help you.

Have a good one!

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