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Some songs on our playlists don't play on one computer.

Some songs on our playlists don't play on one computer.

On my computer, Spotify works fine.  But on my wife's computer, the Phantom of the Opera playlist is the only one that works.  In other playlists, nothing happens when she clicks on a song. 


She just reloaded Spotify, if that makes a difference.  Both the Phantom of the Opera playlist and the other playlists predate the new installation of Spotify.    


It is possible to be sated with Phantom of the Opera.  Pity her.  Help her. 


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Hey wiploc, welcome to the Community.


As much as I love Phantom, I agree that it's good to have a bit more variety sometimes.


It sounds like your Spotify is having problem playing non-local files. Is it in offline mode, or showing up as such? (You'd notice a little sign in the bottom right corner).


It might be worth checking your firewall and antivirus software to see if there's anything interfering with Spotify's connection to the internet. Spotify will require permission in both these places.


Reinstalling Spotify is also generally a good first troubleshooting step to try.If you haven't already.

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