Someone Hacking My Account


Someone Hacking My Account


(Sorry for any mistakes I'm upset and going on a whim) I've been using spotify for a long time (6 years) now and I've just started having some problems. My account keeps getting hacked and its really annoying, it's back and forth, resetting my password, signing out everywhere. it's constant, I've changed emails, over 10 new passcodes, like really long an wacky ones. I was thinking about implementing 2 step authentication, but last time it was checked on was in 2018, why would they not implement it? Majority of people would like this and you can turn it off, or on. If I can enable it please let me know where, also why can't I see where my account is being accessed, seriously and don't give me the "it's against tos" bs. I have people probably from India hacking my account. Why cant I know that for sure? It's ridiculous.

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Hi there @appatton05,

thanks for reaching out !


If you've already went through the protection steps provided here and here, I would recommend considering a new account.


This would provide you with a fresh start and you can easily learn how to transfer you data using this Spotify Answer.


Furthermore, you can post you idea of 2-step authentication in the "Ideas" section of the community using the steps provided here.

This way, users around the community would be able to add their +VOTE and help you promote it.


Hope this helps.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

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