Someone deleted all my songs on collaborative playlist


Someone deleted all my songs on collaborative playlist


My very own collaborative playlist  songs was entirely removed. It has steady amount of followers which I worked for 2 years was vandalized by someone who replaced it  with just 1 effin song ! The user who apparently comprised it, usually just add songs on that same playlist but I always remove it because it doesnt fit the genre.


How can I recover my songs? The playlist is still open but my own songs are gone


Please help! this is frustrating




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Hey there @jude7im!


Unfortunately, there really isn't a way to recover single songs that have been removed from a playlist. For that reason, Spotify always recommends backing up your playlists. See this link for some info on how to do it - (note this is not the official spotify answer)

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How can you know who vandalised your playlist? Is there a way, or is your suspicion?