Someone else is using my account


Someone else is using my account

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Have a strange situation, 


Someone else currently is playing songs on my account, if running through Alexa my music will pause and be replaced by whatever he/she is listening to and randomly on my phone it will start showing what they are playing


I have access to the account and have tried resetting my password and have clicked the button to sign out of all devices but it is still happening


Can someone help please? I can easily show what the songs being played are etc


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Re: Someone else is using my account

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Hi @tranmereforever!


That's awkward enough alright. Is it possible that you could have signed into your Spotify account on someone else's device? You probably may have looked at this link already, if not, hopefully it can lend some more guidance on what to do. Let us know how you get on.


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Re: Someone else is using my account

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Thanks for the reply,


Yes tried that and as I say have changed password etc but even yesterday after that it is showing a number of songs as having been just played


I 100% have not added it onto anything else as I have not subscribed to Premium for very long ( 2 months )


It is certainly putting me off keeping it though which is a shame

Re: Someone else is using my account

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Change the password for your emails, then change the password for your spotify accounts. THEN change the passwords for any account that has a similar password. I hope that this helps!