Someone else on my account possibly?


Someone else on my account possibly?








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Hi everyone, something suspicioius has been going on with my spotify premium account over the last 2 weeks. Sometimes when I open the app thrughout the day to use it another device will be listening to something on my account. The weird thing is that it's always someone on Chrome (web player) and they are always listening to the same artist. They never seem to put up a fight either when I switch back to my device. Tonight I took the time to follow the steps for resolving this issue. I changed my Spotify password and my password under my email that is used for my account. I also went onto spotify and signed out everywhere. As soon as I signed back in on my phone however it still said someone was listening on Chrome (web player) and sure enough it was the same artist as always. Do you guys think this is actually a real person doing this or is my account just completely messed up? I have never shared my account or left it up on anyother device. How can I resolve this issue and get my account back to normal?


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Re: Someone else on my account possibly?


Hey there!


It sounds to me like someone might have access to your account still. Maybe a family member? I have had this happen before when I just had my own account before getting the family subscription. One of my parents would start playing something, using my account on their phone, but once I took control and played my music that was the end of it. 


I do find it odd that you are having this problem still if indeed you logged out everywhere. I would maybe double check that.


Hope that kind helps. And if not, I hope someone else can lend a hand! Curious to see what the solution is...


Re: Someone else on my account possibly?

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Hey @Boss4Sure.


Thanks for getting in touch!


It does sound like there is another person on your account. In this case we recommend you take a look at this page.


No worries, we'll make sure you can listen to music peacefully 🙂


Have a nice day!


Re: Someone else on my account possibly?

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The funny about this is, I took the all my profile files from Spotify to try to understand this issue, and there is no ever search that music, artist or playlist.


If there is someone using my account, he never search musics, he just get a magic wand and start to play in a web browser the playlist when I'm not listening nothing.

Like I said, it's a bug from Spotify, if don't bother the user, it just keep getting more viewer to specific artist or music.


If you search better, like in reddit and other foruns, you will see that, everyone with the same issue is listening the same artist/music/playlist by the same time.


So, the person who stole at least 100 accounts just like to troll, or just like to listening the same music ever.


Re: Someone else on my account possibly?


Hey @RodrigoKazuma.


Thanks for getting back to us with that detailed information.


You mentioned that specific music is being played on your Spotify when this happens. Could you send us the URI of the songs/artists that are being played? Once we have this, we will be able to investigate further.


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your reply 🙂

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