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Someone else signed up on my email address

Someone else signed up on my email address

Hi - realised it's a bit of a first world problem, but someone else signed up using my email address (and don't think there was any email verification process at all).


As a result, my name is listed differently. My username is different.


Is there any way to change that at all (without creating a new profile with a different email address)? I'm just a bit ticked everytime I log in I see someone else's name on the account.... 

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have you found a solution to your issue.  Ihave the same problem as someone did the same with my email address and the sign-in ID is totally not mine. Please let me know as, like you, Iwould liketo resolve this.

Nope... it'll be good if a staff/moderator can come in and give an official reply but doesn't seem likely looking at the state of the forum...

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