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Someone else using Credit card

Someone else using Credit card

Hey guys,
I recently found out that i had been charged despite never having spotify,
I tried to request a query but found out its just an automated response.
is there a way I can contact spotify directly?

many thanks.

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Hi CKPrasad. I'm assuming the automated response means you've already reached out to Spotify Support through the contact form. What you're going to want to do is reply directly back to that email, even if it says not to, and that'll get you in touch with an actual person. Ideally use that same email, but if you've already lost it, then you can get in touch with support again through this from. If you do use that form, then as before you'll get an automated email, and you'll have to reply back directly to it.


I hope this solves your problem, and please reach out if you need anything else. Best of luck!

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