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Someone hacked my account and Spotify doesn't care. Any way to contact support?

Someone hacked my account and Spotify doesn't care. Any way to contact support?

Someone made a Spotify account using my email, and made some fake made-up username. I asked them to figure out how that happened via direct contact, and this is the email reply I got:


We have some quick options we think can help you:

  • Try searching our support site with your questions.
  • Go to the Spotify Community. Even if there isn’t already an answer there to your question, you can post it and someone will answer quickly.
  • You can also message our support team @SpotifyCares at Twitter.

Is there any way to contact Spotify support? A hacked account is VERY serious and I need to take action now, otherwise I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau.

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Hello @bakhman

Thank you for reaching out here in the Community!

I'm sorry to hear that someone gained access to your account. 


If you see suspicious activity on your account, make sure to follow all the steps provided in this support article

Take a look at this article as well on how to protect your Spotify account. 


Keep in mind that Support is unfortunately experiencing significant delays due to the Coronavirus disease outbreak. 


I see that you already replied to the automatic response, so someone from the Customer Support team should contact you back as soon as possible.


You can reach them via Twitter or Facebook as well. They'll be happy to provide you with further support. 


I hope you'll find this helpful! 

This is good indication you are compromised email, and or all passwords via data breach. Change all passwords associated with email or Facebook log in for Spofify. Go into settings and log me out of all devices. Sign in with all new credentials. Passwords are sold on black market every day for pennies. Somewhere in your world , you have been attacked, could be someone that bought bulk passwords etc, or data breach from a company you like, which could compromise emails etc. Stay Vigilent and act quickly.

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