Someone is logged in my account.


Someone is logged in my account.


So i have this problem. Someone for sure is logged in my account. every so often, my music pauses and it tells me my account is used somewhere else. For what i have tried: I changed my password and then used the log of everywhere button, but it still happens. I did this several times. Several passwords, Several logouts. It still happens. I remember once in a houseparty logging my account on on a sonos device, i was already thinking that maybe the sonos software doesnt get affectet on the force logout. can someone please help me fix this.

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Have you tried reaching out to spotify on Twitter? It sounds like you've done everything you can by logging out on everything and changing the password. Try reaching out to a staff member by sending @SpotifyCares a message on Twitter, that might be something they're able to help you with.