Someone is still using my account


Someone is still using my account








iPhone 8

Operating System

iOS 12.2


My Question or Issue

Someone else is using my account, and this still keeps happening even if I've taken every precaution I possibly can. I have changed my passwords a number of times (email, Facebook, Spotify), signed out from all devices remotely several times (even if no strange devices were connected), checked all connected devices both to my email and Spotify (all mine, so no issue there), and been in touch with Spotify support in order to reset my account (this has been done twice now). Yet every time I get everything back up and running and, again, having reset my passwords, someone returns to using my account. 


Spotify now suggests that I create another account with a different email, but I don't see how this would change anything as, I repeat, there is no issue with my email/it has not been compromised. I don't keep Spotify connected to Facebook anymore, either.


There MUST be something Spotify can or should be doing about this? When you google this, it turns out a lot of other people have been struggling with the same issue.    Anyone have any idea how to solve this issue for good?


I am not happy about this level of security, by default. Even if my payment information etc were safe, this is still not ok. 

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Re: Someone is still using my account


Here this article might help you out, but I'm not 100% sure.


Hope everything works out!