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Someone is using my account and I can't stop it.

Someone is using my account and I can't stop it.

Hello, I'm having a few issues with my spotify account. I listen to music all the time at work while I'm doing my job but it seems that someone else is "hacking" into my account somehow. I've followed the instructions of changing my password and hitting the sign out everywhere button but a few days later the same guy logs into my account and takes over my account which stops the music my end. AND he has really bad tastes in music, its ALWAYS mexican music. Is spotify not free in mexico? I don't understand why he doesn't just make his own account, I would make another one and forget about my current one but it has my personal details on it.


I'm assuming that he is accessing it via a password recovery via my email, I haven't had access to that email for a few years, I've tried multiple times to gain entre to it but I used something random on my secret questions and I can't remember what I put. So i'm unable to update, access or delete my old email.


This is becoming a bit of a problem.


Any help would be amazing.


Kind Regards


James Gorman

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Found out how to change my email, not sure if that will help things.

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