Someone is using my account


Someone is using my account


Several days ago when I entered my account is listening to music from Spotify Web Player. When I see it the first time I change my Facebook password. But my Spotify account can be entered from my email and a password that I do not know when I put it. The fact is that someone uses my account and the password of Spotify can not change it because every time I give "I forgot my password" it tells me that my account is created from Facebook. Right now I do not know how to solve the problem and I'm worried.

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Re: Someone is using my account

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Hey @Minealex_2001.


Welcome to the Community. That's not cool, let's see how we can help out.


If you have reason to believe someone's gained access to your account, we recommend you check out this article and follow the steps.


One of the last steps will get you in touch with the right teams. They'll be able to help!


Let us know how you get on. If you have any other questions, we're here for you.


Take care 🙂