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Someone is using my spotify account

Someone is using my spotify account

Plan - Premium

Country - Philippines


Device - iPhone 7,  Macbook Pro early 2013

Operating System - iOS 10, MACOS Mojave


My Issue:

Hi, for the past few months I noticed weird playlists keep showing up on my account. These are arab playlist that I never listen to. Previously, even my display picture was replaced to someone who is clearly arabic so I thought I was being hacked. I replaced my email and password, but now the problem is back. These Arab playlists are again showing up on my account and I am tired of deleting them and am afraid somehow someone is using my account that I'm paying for, for free. Please help, thanks.


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This option can only be done though desktop option

There is a section called  “APPS” on the left side of the window.


I noticed a number of apps that have access to my profile including Facebook, Alexa...... and a very curious app I don’t recal signing up for names “Artist Explorer”


the description for for the app says “this app will create playlist with related artists"


I just revoked access. Hopefully this will help.

spotify needs to secure their login/password  gates with something like CA certificates but i guess this not an issue to them.if you like the low cost of spotify you cant complain

Hey @rastavoltz,


I'm sorry to hear that. Please visit this page and follow the steps as written there.

You can also visit this page for tips and infos on protecting your Spotify account.


Let me know if you still need help!


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