Someone’s keep using my account

Someone’s keep using my account


I tried logging out of all devices as you have recommended. But someone is keep using my account, and I keep hearing what that person is playing. Check my account information immediately please, as I am losing my temper and spotify not having a phone call customer service is really testing my limit. I think you guys mistakenly gave the same account number to two people or something, since I use my facebook account for spotify. I changed my password and someone is keep logging into the same account. So it’s either there’s a very talented hacker intentionally trying to ruin my life or you have really screwe up. I only own apple products. So the image shows someone else’s device

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Have you attempted to use the log out button and then change your Facebook password?....just brainstorming


I am having the same issue. @Spotify is there any update on what is causing this type of issue?




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