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Something wen't wrong...

Something wen't wrong...

Never mind this... It seems to work now 🙂


Just started a family subscription. I've invited two members by e-mail and one by link. Now when I try to manage the accounts/invitations when I'm logged in (I click the button "Premium for family") I get a little red box saying "Hoppsan, något hände. Försök igen." (translates - oops, something wen't wrong). 

I've tried a few times now without success... I even tried to change browser. Any ideas on what's wrong?

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Hey Henning, thanks for contacting us!


We're glad to know everything was sorted out. 


Give us a shout if you need anything else 🙂

I have the same problem : 600 - Hoppsan, något hände. Försök igen.
My father made a family account and invited me to it and i just can't "join" it...
Help 🙂

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