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Something went wrong please help

Something went wrong please help

I cant enter my home page and i tried another devices i erased spotify and downloaded again but its not fixed 






iPhone X

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IOS 12.2B45AFD5F-76EE-448A-A605-7BA7A8C304E8.png


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Same problem here. iOS, Mac OS and web player all dead.

It's a larger issue. Twitter gets shoutouts regarding this problem. I would imagine Spotify is working on this already.

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


@Benj0 - does this happen as soon as you log in to Spotify on your mobile? Could you let us know if you're getting the same error on all your devices, or just on iOS?


@paasto - do you mind trying to log into another account on those devices you mentioned and see if you're experiencing the same issue?


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your replies.

Hi, sorry for late texting. I texted spotifycares on twitter and the problem was fixed after a hour. I do nothing



Hey @Benj0.


Glad to hear that the folks at SpotifyCares were able to fix that for you 🙂


Let us know if there's ever anything else.

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