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Song blocked in my country?

Song blocked in my country?

i am new user of Spotify and when i am want listen Sandro Silva - Puna, Spotify informs me "Ten utwór obecnie nie jest dostępny w Polska. Jeśli masz ten plik na komputerze, możesz go zaimportować", in  english "This track is currently not available in Poland. If you have this file on your computer, you can import." What is the cause? Many track of Spinnin has the same problem. Thank for responses aa btw. i am "trial" user 😛

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Its up to however owns the rights to the music to specify in which countries it is available, you sometimes find the same content is licensed with different labels in different regions giving rise to tracks being in the catalogue but unavailable to you. 


I would suggest you get in touch with the label and ask them why the content is unavailable in Poland. 



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