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Song jumps to another every time after x time

Song jumps to another every time after x time

It feels that another user uses my account simultaneously. After a random time listening to a song it jumps to another. I've logged out everywhere, changed my password and logged in again, but the problem isn't solved yet.


The problem is here for around 24 hour.







Macbook, web, iphone

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MacOS Mojave


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does it just jump to the next track _once_ or is it like skip..skip..skip..skip..skip until the playlist ends?

Thank you for answering. Sorry for the late reply. Didn't saw it.


It is like skip... skip... skip. but not my actual playlist. Totally other than my genres.


But the next day it was solved. I don't know. Have checked by couple of people if they had the same thing. But no.

Hey @GielC.


Thanks for getting in touch!


It does sound like someone is using your account. Be sure to follow the steps in this post and we'll get it sorted for you 🙂


Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

I don't think that is a account issue.

It might be a sound driver / app issue. If some other application uses your "speaker" exclusive, than that can happen.

It's like - App: "Hey, play that song" Windows: "Nope" App: "Ok, try next song" Windows: "Nope" ... and so on.

In this case your playlist ends in 10 sec. and spotify will play similar / other songs.


When you reboot the speakerlock is released until it locks again.

Ah, that's possible... After the issue the speaker can't find the radio stations. Thank you! The issue isn't returned by the way.

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