Song was removed from old artist account and moved to a brand new one


Song was removed from old artist account and moved to a brand new one



I have this song titled "You and Only You". Here is the song link: spotify:track:6qRpvLy7HgD96mWGHiTS2h
It used to be on my old spotify artist account, "Arize". here's a link to that account: spotify:artist:6eq90a47vMudnFCHfKCHV9
However, it is no longer on that account, and appears to have been moved to a brand new artist account. Here's a link to the new account which the song is on: spotify:artist:3PH82YH2TR3Cu7KYMatbyb
It appears that the song was created on a brand new spotify artist account. I could claim that account, however that would mean that I lose all of my followers and all of the information that I had on my old account. I was wondering if instead, I could have it back on my old account, and have the new account deleted. I want to retain all of my old information without having to compromise for a brand new account. It seems like this was like some type of glitch. In addition, I'm no longer able to view the song from my spotify artist app. 
I submitted a support ticket under the "My music is mixed with another artist" category. However, since the situation is very time critical as I'm losing traffic to my old spotify account, I wanted to post it here too.
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Re: Song was removed from old artist account and moved to a brand new one

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Hi there @Arize1

thanks for reaching out !


I would recommend starting off with this Spotify for Artists FAQ page as it holds valuable info which might help.


Regardless, any case of artist profiles should and needs to be handled by the Spotify for Artists support team.

Feel free to reach out to them through this contact page so they'll take a closer look and provide the answer/steps needed.


Bear in mind that due to the current Covid-19 global situation, it might take them a bit more time to response.


Hope this helps.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

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