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Songs Being removed by Spotify - PLEASE NOTIFY US WHEN YOU DO !!

Songs Being removed by Spotify - PLEASE NOTIFY US WHEN YOU DO !!

Ok guys .. this is so so so frustrating. Soptify has been regularly removing songs from their database altogether. There are some awsome ones that I have saved in playlists, and all of a sudden I see that the song is missing. Even after searching a lot I cant find it. So turns out spotify has deleted the song, cause my friends were also facing the same issue. 


I have seen this on multiple issues, and with regional songs, which I understand may not be on Spotify's radar for making money, but its very important to me and thats whyt I signed up. 


CAN SPOTIFY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE infrom as songs are removed from their collection, especially the ones that I have in some playlist or the other. Its is beyond frustrating, and you can guess why I am writing this post now. Cause just now it happened again! 


I see in some cases spotify does get a few songs back (a month in this particualr case) 


But please please have the option to get a notification whenever songs in our playlists are removed by Spotify from their collection/Database altogether. 



3 Replies

The issue Spotify don't remove the tracks, the record labels (license holders) do. This has been long discussed over on the Ideas Exchange too:

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Kindly take note that sometimes the songs aren't removed.. The name could be just changed esp for international music. If you search their local names you might find it.

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@Peter .. Even if the Licenses removes it , it definitely is a change in Spotify's library. So the onus is on Spotify to inform the consumers 



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