Songs by artist A.K. being added to my playlist


Songs by artist A.K. being added to my playlist



Edit: Still having this issue with it persisting for over 2 weeks now. I really hope the mods here can mark this as still not solved because clearly the "Solution" is not working. This is ridiculous coming from such a large company with a large population of members. I have been a listener for quite some time now and have had premium for most of that time. Another thing I noticed is that my Premium plan changed from the normal $10 plan to the family plan for no reason and I got charged the $15. I never chose the family plan because everyone I know is either already on a family account or has their own premium. If you're having this issue I still recommend resetting your passwords and Unfollowing A.K. For now I've been just double checking before I leave the house every morning removing the songs if they pop up again. I really hope that someone actually important and can get things done around here sees this post and looks into the issue further. As a Community Manager of a 30k member gaming community I can safely say Spotify has some serious issues when it comes to community support and addressing issues with their platform.








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Over the past week I've had random "A.K" songs added to pretty much all of my playlists. It also shows that I'm following A.K. When it first happened I just removed the songs from the playlist, but every day it seems to keep popping up. I have Premium and every time I look this issue up it's always with the "Free plan Suggested songs". I don't even know what A.K is and their "Music" is low key kinda trash ngl. So let's keep this**bleep** off of my Metal playlists spotify. Thanks.

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So, this has happened to me, with multiple playlists, both private and public, for some time now. Biggest problem one was one that I use as overnight music for my kids, starts playing this techno style electronic music, which is not soothing at all and is keeping them awake instead of helping them sleep. I removed the entries MANY times, and they continue to reappear. I went through my other playlists and found similar entries there as well, and removed them. Now, I have blocked the artist all together. Not that I mind his style of music, as, in the right venue and time, it would be just fine by me. It is more about the fact that it is being forceably added to my playlists, which I cannot allow or tolerate. Also, as the OP indicated, I was apparently following the artist, though I have never heard of this artist and have never chosen to follow them.

Before you say it, yes I have gone through all of the secure my account procedures and yes, it still persisted after that. I am not sure what kind of bug or exploit is being used to accomplish this, but it needs to be addressed and fixed immediately.

I still think is not a glitch and someone is hacking into spotify. It is
such a rare artist and the fact that every day I keep seeing people with
the same problem over and over again is very strange.

I was able to fix it, i'm not sure if it's due to the fact that I change
passwords from EEEVERYWHERE (facebook, mail, spotify, eveything I could
think of) or if spotify did actually block the artist for me ( I actually
blocked it myself but I still appeared )


Today I received an email from spotify warning that someone from Russia gained access to my account. After all the password changing and etc, I realized that several songs from this A.K. were added to my playlists. And there isn't a easy way to report directly from A.K. page to Spotify, the options given don't include fake accounts...  


I also have the same problem and i was told someone hacked into my account and changed my pass buh? still there man


This has been happening to my account for a couple of weeks, I kept deleting songs and the next day they would end up right back in all of my playlists. When I went to the gym a bunch of other songs of instrumentals were in my queue that I had never heard of. These songs are awful! Tonight I went to listen to Spotify on my phone and it said it was listening on another P.C. when I asked my boyfriend if he was using it he said no. I proceeded to play the music on my phone and kick them off, only to have the song change and then be kicked off. I logged out of all devices, made sure there were no third party devices with access, and changed my password. I have loved using Spotify premium, however if this continues after taking those necessary steps I will be switching to Apple Music. 

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Hey all,


Thanks for letting us know about this! 


After all the information you gave us, we reported the artist and their content. It has been taken down from our platform. Thanks for staying tuned and contributing to this. 


In case you see any fraudulent streams appearing in your profile, follow the steps in this support article. You can also secure your account further by taking the measures suggested here.


Since this has been taken care of, we're locking any further replies to this thread. 

If you need further help with anything similar, feel free to start a new thread in the relevant Help Board.

Thanks for your understanding and have a nice day!

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