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Songs stop playing after each song

Songs stop playing after each song

Hi. I see this  problem was explored in detail in posts some months ago. But I can't work through all the posts to see what the casuse is and , more imprtantly, how to fix it. I am using my desktop, Windows 7, Internet Explorer. Some of m y songs have been purchased from iTunes, Some are ones I put on iTunes with my own CDs. And some are just a result of being able to listen to them through Spoitfy. Just now, I was listening to Carmina Burana. It has the musical note next to all the songs. And it would stop after each song. Same thing with  Otis Redding.


Unfortumately, I am not a very informed user of PCs. I don't understand local, offline, or any of the other words that seem simple to others. I have tried, but I can't seem to figure it all out. So to be useful, I need a veryt basic reply.


Is there a simple solution?

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i am struggling with the same problem.

it seems to have coincided with my upgrade to Windows 7.

Hey guys 🙂


The musical note beside the track means that it is linked to a local file and therefore will be played from your local library rather than being streamed from Spotify. 

The behaviour you are describing sounds exactly like the issues in this thread. This issue has been under investigation for a while now, no one at Spotify or even myself can reproduce this bug. If you have any details you think might be useful to the team I would suggest you drop a post on that thread.



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