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Songs that I haven't heard appear to me

Songs that I haven't heard appear to me


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Sometimes I get emails from Spotify to change my password. I ignore them and delete them. Also, lately on all my devices, in the list of recent songs, songs that I have not listened appear.


Sorry if you don't understand. I am using a translator. I speak Spanish not English.


Any solution?







PC and smartphone

Operating System

(Android 9 and Windows 10)

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Hi there @espixx,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


If you're receiving mails regarding the need of a password change it's due to the fact Spotify might be tracking suspicious behavior on your account.


If you're unsure if they are legitimate or not, you're more than welcome to post a screenshot and i'll confirm it for you.


However, if you're aren't interested in doing so through the links sent to you, you can always take the steps provided here and here.


Keep me posted 🙂  




I have attached a screenshot of the email I sometimes receive.


Is there a way to see what devices my session has been opened on? So I can see if someone is logged in. And if no one is logged in, why are there songs that I haven't heard in the recent song list?


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