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Spam mails regarding password change

Spam mails regarding password change






Pc/oneplus 6

Operating System

Win 10/android


My Question or Issue

I keep getting mails from Spotify saying Ive recently tried to change my password.  Is it some known bug or does someone really want my account? 

Its been going for about three years now, sometimes up to 30 times times a week. Im changing my password frequently, but it keeps spamming. I assume someone is trying to change my pw, but its really annoying getting the spam sometimes 10 times a day in different languages. English, turkish and spanish being the the frequent. 


6 Replies

Hey @Ronilolz! Thanks for posting on the Spotify Community. 

I'd recommend forwarding one of these emails to A member of Spotify Staff will check this email and confirm if this is being sent are genuine or not - I'm assuming these are not genuine seeing as you are getting these in different languages but I'd like this double checked.


If you get a response confirming these emails are genuine then I recommend reaching out to Spotify for more help with this. You can find some more info here on how to do this. I hope this helps!


Any questions, let me know!

Thanks for the fast response! 


I've forwarded it. Awaiting result 🙂

By the way; the mail it's sent from is

No worries! Feel free to keep me in the loop 🙂

Got an answer, and it appears to be authentic. Guess I have to contact them.

@Ronilolz If you use the contact options above one of the lovely folks at SpotifyCares will be able to take a look in to this and secure your account if needed.


Good luck!

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