Spoticy Connect Disconnect?

Spoticy Connect Disconnect?

I got a weird issue.


Somehow (possibly bad password on my part) someone logged into my profile, deleted all playlists and made two new ones with persian music.


I could get my playlists back and I did reset my password and logged off on all devices.

Still i have the Device called "Taha-mp" in my Spotify Connect list. And still this device overrides my music and interrupts me playing my music.


Is there any way i can get this device off my Spotify Connect list?



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That's kinda scary and sad to hear. But we will figure out what's going on. To me the person who "hacked" you account have access to a major level. Like your email. Are you using Gmail? Also, please write me the "path" you are following. IE: Mail -> Facebook auth -> Spotify or Mail -> Spotify Account -> Spotify app


Thank you 🙂

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