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Spotidy charging 2x student, not getting premium.

Spotidy charging 2x student, not getting premium.

This morning I tried to use the Spotify Student discount, but I didn't know it was for only college students, not high school students. I exited the page, and I didn't think it charged me, although I did put in my debit card information. About 20 minutes ago I tried again, on my computer this time. It didn't work. I decided that I would just buy the 9.99 subscription, because I had enough in my bank account. However, I looked at my bank account and I don't have enough because of two pending transactions from Spotify, both for $4.99 each. I got charged for the student discounts even though it is not giving me premium. I tried emailing spotify and they said to come to a the fourms. Please help as soon as possible.

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Don't worry. If the payments on your statement show as pending/pre-auth, it means no money's been taken. The funds should reappear soon. In the meantime, check out Spotify Family, you can rock out with the rest of your band and get 50% off! 

Oh, sometimes when you email our Accounts team, you might get an automatic response with some self-service options like Community to get some help while they get back to you 🙂


Don't hesitate to drop us a message if you need us again.


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