Spotify Account Disabled

Spotify Account Disabled


Hello spotify team,


Recently, I have issued a few chargebacks from my bank account, but I have not meant to issued a chargeback onto my spotify payment from a long time ago, therefore this had lead the spotify team disabled my account. Yes, i know that you guys take this issue very seriously as i have read from different posts about account disability. I have sent a ticket to the spotify payment team and as some posts mention to reply to the "non-reply" mail. Tried these steps, although i have not recieved any reply from spotify. 

Could my account get reactivated? I would not want to loose ALL of my playlist that i have created and the playlists that i have followed, i also would not want to loose ALL of my followers, as i have a lot of them. As of right now, i am worried that my account could not be reactivated.

As a spotify premuim user that has subscribed for over a year and with so much playlists that were followed and created with all the followers in them that has took a real long time, preferably would not want to start a new account. Once my account is reactivated, I will update all my payment information, inform my bank to not issue chargebacks from spotify, and this will never, ever happen again.

CASE NUMBER: #04047696

Please do reactivate my account (if possible) as soon as possible. Thanks


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i just want to ask how long does it usally take someone to reply my post? i really miss my music on premium

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