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Hi, I'm a Spotify user since it first was available in my country. I think I'm in the five first Premium accounts. The last two weeks Spotify has been sending me warning messages about Premium on pause, I got to the page today and it said it would be 100%+ ( 36,00 ARS before and 69,00 ARS now). The thing is until August I payed 36,00ARS and Spotify is charging me 36,00ARS on September, but I don't count with Premium anymore. It's been three days now. I cancelled the subscription for now, but what can I do to take that charge off from my credit card from september?

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Hey there!


This is something our Accounts team needs to look into. Get in touch with them via this contact form, on Twitter with the @SpotifyCares handle, or on our Facebook page.

We'll be happy to help you sort this out.

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