Spotify Billing Problems!!!!

Spotify Billing Problems!!!!


I have been getting billed for twice a month for the last 5 months,  and for some reason the current account I have is now on the free trial.  I have tried to communicate using the contact form on 3 different occasions all over the course of last month,  I have also emailed and still no response.  I don't know how any respectable company would make it impossible to sort out billing problems, and not offer any real support.  This is sad,  for some reaon their physical address is available but no phone numbers,  If i lived in New York I would go visit them and give them a peice of my mind.  If you have any billing problems, just run away!!!! thats my advice to you.

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You say you got no response when using the contact form. Did you not even get the automated message acknowledging receipt of your original messages?

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If you could let us know one of your 8-digit case numbers from when you have got in touch, we can escalate it to the team for you.

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I still have not received a response for this case. I sent all the bank info over 2 weeks ago.. And no one has gotten back to me.. Spotify just billed me again for the 8th months 2x that's a lot of money that Spotify is STEALING FROM ME.... They don't seem to care because I can't get anyone to help me!! Don't waste your time...

I hope you get this...I've been working with you for around 8 months and still haven't been satisfied.. Last month sent you all the bank statements showing the information you needed..still instead of fixing the problem.. Which is stopping the draft on my account. But you did hit again yesterday. I can't believe that you don't have a phone. 281-592-8751.pls call before I stop using you and go to someone that doesn't say KUDOS instead of fixing the problem. You got this month and then I'm gone if not helped.


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My account is spotify free but I was charged $9.99 to my credit card.  How do I get a refund for that charge and stop furture charges for my free subscription?

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