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Spotify Connect - Multiple Speakers/Devices

Spotify Connect - Multiple Speakers/Devices

I have premium and should be able to stream offline music from three devices.  In my account it says that I have no offline devices; how do I add offline devices?

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Hi baechlg! Offline devices are those that have playlists stored on them for usage when you're away from a reliable (or any) internet  connection. To listen offline you'll want to follow the directions highlighted in this FAQ. For information on Spotify Connect you'll want to look here. Keep in mind that while you can have as many devices you want under Spotify Connect, only one device can play music at a time, so if you have multiple speakers you'll need to ensure they're considered one device, and not a series of seperate ones.


Please let me know if you have any other questions or run into any troubles accomplishing this. Cheers!

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