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Spotify Connect does not work in main profile anymore, in others already.

Spotify Connect does not work in main profile anymore, in others already.






OnePlus 5T, Huawei MediaPad M5

Operating System

(Android Oreo, Windows 10), latest Updates installed


My Question or Issue


Hello everybody,

For some days, Spotify Connect is not working anymore.

Following is my setup:

- I use several Denon Heos devices
- the network configuration is unchanged

What does not work:

- I can no longer connect to my Heos devices even though they are detected and displayed by Spotify.

- The issues are the same on multiple Android devices and the Windows Spotify client

I've already tried that:

- reinstalled Spotify on all devices
- Router, WiFi Reboot
- reinitialized HEOS network module
- deleted offline devices in my Spotify profile
- Signed in with another Spotify account >>>> Then everything works again immediately flawlessly.

Therefore, I suspect that it is up to my account. However, I can not think of anything to solve the problem.

Please help me.

Using a new account is only an option if it is possible to migrate all playlists and the usage history.

What to do?

Thank you and

Yours sincerely,


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Hello everybody,

unfortunately nobody answers. Am I wrong here? Where can I get support for my problem?

Thank you.




I have the same problem for about a week. Temporarily turning off heos devices helped, but the problem returned. It works fine playing music in the mobile using the heos app, so the problem should be with Spotify connect. 

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