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Spotify Double charged me for over FOUR YEARS and will not give me money back

Spotify Double charged me for over FOUR YEARS and will not give me money back

I just noticed it now because it shows as seperate charges on my credit card. One charge for Spotify for $14.99 and one charge from iTunes from $12.99

Chatted with Spotify from 8:50am to 10:06am before I gave up. They will not help. and are deliberately deceptive.

They tell me I need to get the merchant reference number starting with a P0 from apple to see if I am double billed. Guess what, Apple doesn't have a merchant reference number. Spotify will then refer you to a "Specialty team" who just sends a boiler plate email with no contact number to get back to you.

I am disputing my charge with my credit card company and cancelling my spotify account immediately because of the frustration.

And it is a shame, I have been with spotify since the beginning, l like the service. But when a company pulls something like this and doesn't offer any help, not even a credit, then that is a sign the company just doesn't care about its customers.

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Hey @smahoney10,


I'm really sorry to hear about your awful Spotify experience!


Just to clarify, you have been charged for your Spotify subscription as well as your iTunes subscription?


Have a relaxing weekend.


Yes, spotify charged my credit card directly and I was charged again through  itunes on the same card. Spotify is now playing dumb by asking me for things they know iTunes doesn't have like merchant reference number. It is very frustrusting talking to three different people all asking for each and trying to explain each time. I feel it is intentional on their part designed to frustrate so I give up.

And you went for four years without looking at your credit card bills closely enough to recognize that you were getting billed in two different places?


I am very unimpressed with Spotify's customer service and tech support. I had problems with a gift card, and they couldn't figure out how to fix it, and I'm still involved in a dispute over that issue. They ignored most of my communications until I filed an arbitration case, and now their lawyers are involved.


But I don't have a lot of sympathy for someone who let it go for four years. The bank that issues your card has a contract, and I think you have 90 days to dispute a charge. Spotify's terms of service also have a time limit for filing disputes. You are waaaaaay past those time limits, Dude.


So you didn't read the terms of service, right? Just clicked the box that says "I accept?" And you didn't read the contract that goes with your credit card, either?


Bummer. Sorry about your luck. Contracts and terms of service actually matter.


In reading this forum, particularly about the problems people are having ordering the Google Home Mini, and problems with gift card redemption, I've seen lots of cases where Spotify does not seem to be able to resolve the problem. Their reps are trained to copy and paste "suggestions," and if those don't work, they sometimes just give up, and say "We don't have any more info."


But on this one... Dude, the whole platform is automated. They did not know they were double billing you. It was your responsibility to bring it to their attention within the time frame required by the terms of service.

To be clear, the second charge was bundled into other itunes monthly charges and did not show as Spotify on my bill. It was just showing as iTunes. I agree I should have caught it sooner but with a family of 5 there are bills flying everywhere on my accounts. Today's day and age make it difficult to reconcile bills. It is not like I can go to my check ledger and balance my checkbook. Between credit cards, bank accounts, venmo, pay pal, etc. as well as third party billing like itunes that doesn't tell you what you are getting charged for, it gets confusing.


And I am not expecting a full refund, but give me something! a six month credit or somthing. Spotify benefited from this for 4 years, they should have some understanding of the situation.

The terms of service allow you to dispute charges going back in time up to one year.


You should take a close look at the dispute resolution process in the terms and conditions. I have some personal experience with the process. It begins by sending a letter by certfiied mail.


You can message directly if you want to discuss this further.

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