Spotify Family - Change Address


Spotify Family - Change Address

Casual Listener

I've upgraded from Premium to Family. 

While entering my address I've written the wrong post code.

How can I fix it ? I can't seen to update the address anywhere, help ? 



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Re: Spotify Family - Change Address

Spotify Legend

Hey @xcrap


Welcome to the Spotify Community, we're glad to see you're part of the band.


No worries! You can update your Zip Code from your Profile page. Just access your account with your username and password.


Let us know how you get on. 

Re: Spotify Family - Change Address

Casual Listener
That's not the same as the zip code for the family subscription.
I've filled the zip code in the family subscription and in the profile zip
code appears as empty, so they are two different things, the zip code
filled as family subscription is a must when someone enters as a family
member and that's different from the profile zip code.