Spotify Family - Problems in charging, accounts and management

Spotify Family - Problems in charging, accounts and management


I have an multiple problem issue with Spotify Family. Yesterday everything was normal, but today something completely different:


I started Spotify on my phone and noticed that I my subscription type is Free. I have had a Premium subscription for a long time and since June a Family one. I tried everything from logging out and back in to re-installing the app, but still the subscription info is not correct. My wife is having similar issue that on her phone the subscription type is now Free (used to be Premium as well).


I logged to and there everything seem to be ok. It says that the subscription type is Family and I can play music using the web player.


I have checked my receipts on the web site and the last payment has been made on Nov 19 and the next one is scheduled on Dec 19, which is ok. However, my credit card has been charged twice on Nov 19.


And finally, when I try to manage (add/remove users) the family subscription on the web site, I receive an error saying that there is no family subscription at all.


Is there anyone having similar problems?


By the way, it is extremely difficult to find an e-mail address to Spotify customer support.

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Sorry for the inconvenience 😞 Please contact Spotify support using their Twitter or contact form.
If they will reply with a no-reply email, reply to it, even though it is a no-reply.
Have a great day!

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