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The “solution” is to drop to an individual account, apply the gift cards, then reinvite your whole family.

Note if I’m not mistaken this will delete your families playlists and all their devices will need to be set up again.

Re: Spotify Family - Redeem Gift Card

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I was able to apply the gift cards last year without revert to an individual plan and was able to maintain all playlists. It required Spotify to intervene I believe but it worked. Unfortunately I did not keep the email instructions. Try another contact with customer service. 


I cant believe they don’t have this fixed. 

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I don't really see this as an acceptable "workaround" ... you lose family playlists and make users toggle between personal accounts and family accounts ... that's just crazy.  How about selling a Family plan gift card ... or maybe just repair your payment system so a gift card is a gift card and not a work-around card. 


It's been at least 2 years since I initially had this problem.  This tells me one of two things .... 1) You simply don't care what your customers think.  2)  You don't have the funds to hire a development staff to fix your problems.  Both of these are bad.

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you can content them on help chat and they can apply the gift card for you. took me about 5 mins