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Spotify Free Trial Removed

Spotify Free Trial Removed

Hi there

Yesterday I signed up for spotify free trial. Entered my credit card information etc, but after I got my free trial I canceled subscription to avoid getting automatically charged next month. It said I'd have premium until 12th of january, 2014. Anyways.. When I logged on today, I am currently using spotify free. I no longer have premium and im not able to sign up for free trial either. It seems it got removed..?

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That's odd, you should get in contact with Spotify here, if you get an automated reply just reply directly to that email. Also, what does your account say under "Subscription Status" here

Hope this helped 🙂

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Hey @dslotvik - I've just taken a look at your account connected to your Community profile and you redeemed a code for a 30-day Premium subscription just today.


If you also signed up for a 30-day trial, get in touch with our support team using the link Josh posted.


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