Spotify Logged Me Out And Won't Let Me Back In


Spotify Logged Me Out And Won't Let Me Back In




Free/Premium: Free

Country: United States





Samsung Galaxy J3 Eclipse (2017). 

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.): I don't know. 


My Question or Issue: I was going into my Spotify app on my phone when it glitches, and kicks me out. This is normal because my phone is a piece of garbage, so I click on it to go back in and it automatically logged me out. I never log out of my account so I was a bit confused. I went and grabbed my planner and flipped to where I wrote down what my login was. I had to use it a couple times when I log out to free up storage. It has always worked. However, this time, I put in both my email and my password - it didn't work at all. I have put it in the same way I always have and it still isn't working. I would try putting in my username but it's either just "Grace," (which is what shows up at the bottom left when I have logged in) or that long string of numbers that I never wrote down and can only access when I'm logged in. I had not been logged in through Facebook, I had created my account myself and for some reason, it is not accepting my login. If I could, I could just reset the password, but Spotify isn't accepting my email either and the email I use for my account doesn't exist anymore. Because it is my main account that I have had for years. I did not include any unnecessary spacing when trying to log in, I tried including any possible typos I could have had and it still didn't work. This is frustrating as I didn't even log out, it kicked me out and won't let me back in. 


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Re: Spotify Logged Me Out And Won't Let Me Back In

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Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out. Are you seeing any error messages when you request a password reset for your account? If so, please post the exact one 🙂


You can reset your password here


Hope this helps! 

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