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Spotify Not Accepting Card Change

Spotify Not Accepting Card Change

I am a Malaysian Spotify user, and have for a very long time been using a CIMB Debit card to pay for Spotify, until they decided it would be a really genius idea to block nearly every online transaction available. I have since switched to using Public Bank, which is unrestricted and has worked for every other transaction except for Spotify. Following is the error I receive when trying to switch cards:




I have contacted Spotify support but they've been anything but useful insisting that it's an issue with my bank or that I should try another payment method such as Paypal. However, conveniently, Paypal and e-Cards are not available in Malaysia too. I've even tried switching countries in case my card was detected wrongly. However, I get the following error:



Dear community, do you have any ideas? The issue is not on my bank's side and Spotify is refusing to help.

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Have you tried changing your country to Malaysia?

Have a great day!

"I've even tried switching countries in case my card was detected wrongly. "
My original setting was Malaysia. I switched from Malaysia to other *possible countries and back and yet it has failed, just to try things out.

Oops, didn't see that, sorry. Please contact Spotify support using Facebook, Twitter or contact form.
If they will reply with a no-reply email, reply to it, even though it is a no-reply.
Have a great day!

Sorry for the late reply, been caught up with work. Here's another thing that you didn't notice: "I have contacted Spotify support..".

I do not have alternate payment methods in Malaysia nor gift-cards. I even switched banks for Spotify payments and I do not have the time to switch to another bank yet again. This is not an issue with the current bank but with Spotify detecting the card I have. I have used international transactions with this card and the bank affirms that there aren't any Spotify restrictions.


As I wrote this reply, Spotify finally accepted my card. Ignore the rant.

I'm having the same problem with my CIMB debit card. May I ask how did you get your case resolved? 


I've been reverted back to Spotify Free due to payment failure.

CIMB never worked for me, and their help is useless. You can try call them or email their support to activate online transactions.

My solution was to apply for a Public Bank account instead. It took a few days for Spotify to accept the card but it eventually did whereas CIMB still doesn't.



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