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Spotify PREMIUM stops playing after each song

Spotify PREMIUM stops playing after each song

Dear all,


my Spotify PREMIUM stops playing after each song.

I am paying since one year my premium account, but it does not work as promised by spotify website. 


Can someone help me?


Could I ask the money back to spotify?




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Hey there.


What device you are usoing?


Have you tried to re-install app and re-login to it?


Let me know.

I am using a Samsung S5 and already triyed to reistall the app, but
nothing. It does not fix the problem.

What can I do?

Thanks for the info.


We'd recommend restarting your device - including removing the battery for 30 seconds if possible.


If the app's still acting up after this, it might be an issue with your offline devices. You can head here to remove them, and then reinstall the app. You shouldn't have any more issues after this.


Keep us posted. 



How about the repeat or loop button - is it activated? Sometimes if I look down and it's grey I notice my songs don't move on to the next one unless I click the next button.

Dear All,

many thanks for the suggestions. 


I tried all of them. I reinstalled the app, I restarted the phone and removed the battery for 30sec, but unfortunately the problem did not disappear.

I forget one important thing: the player moves to the next song (alone) with some songs. For example if I listen "Umbrella of Rihanna" it will stop at the end of the song, instead if I listen "Renegades of X Ambassadors" it will pass to the next song alone. It acts like this independently of what is the next song or independently of where the song is saved (online or offline) or where the song is added (playlist, album, etc.).



Very strange behavior!!!



@Pippo2 Hey!


No worries, we can help out with this.


This could be caused due to the registration of offline devices on your account. It'd be best to remove your offline devices from your account by heading here


After doing this, we'd recommend reinstalling the app, to make sure the cache is cleared and to prevent the issue from happening again. 


Let us know how it goes after this. 

thanks for the suggestion. I just tryied to do it. I deleted all the
davices, and then I reistalled the app, but nothing. The problem is still

What else can I do?

thank you


Do you have an SD card on your phone? If so, try uninstalling the app > removing the SD card > reinstalling the app.

If you test this out using another mobile device, does the same happen?

You cant ask for your money back for the whole year as it was working fine at that time. You could maybe ask for the money back for the month that it stopped working and any time after that



I've done everything above including switching phones and doing factory reset.

This is still an issue for a couple of is at work. We have different phones (Samsung S7 and HTC U11)

It seems to be random.

I've had this issue for quite a while back but my friend just recently joined Spotify.

I'm on WiFi, he's on 4G.

Can you please advice.



I play spotify on iphone, imacs (2 computers) and songs pause without any reason in the middle of track! can anybody can help me?

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