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Spotify Playing Random song (UNLIKE OTHER ISSUES)

Spotify Playing Random song (UNLIKE OTHER ISSUES)

For the past week spotify has been acting incredibly strangely and has become infuriating. So I'll be listening to a song, (It doesnt matter if its from a playlist, artist page ect) and randomly, sometime after the song ends or just a couple seconds after I choose the song, the song will change to "Natural Spring" by the Drill Beats. I only mention the song name because this is the ONLY song that it will ever change to and it will then contiunue to play the rest of the album. This happens ALL THE TIME. Every second song. 


I have never listened to the Drill Beats, never been to their artist page (**bleep**, they only have 108 followers) I dont listen to any music similar to Drill Beats (Zero chance that spotify thinks its a "similar song / discover weekly"). I also have nothing in my queue.


This doesn't just happen on my computer but also my phone and any other device I use spotify on, I play a song, several secons later; "Natural Springs" will play.


If I can't fix this problem I am going to cancel my subscription.



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I have absolutely the same issue since around 1-2 weeks. It's also Drill Beats, but last time it was the song Range Rover. I also had 2 other artists which came across and sometimes my music simply stopped playing or jumped to the next song in the list of mine. Sometimes I wasn't even playing music and Spotify started on its own (in that case songs unknown to me).


Logging out on all devices didn't help. Nor did reinstalling the app. Happens on Windows 10 and Android... Hope there will be a solution soon.


Glad that I'm not the only one to struggle with this. Cheers!





My Spotify has had some  similar issues for a while and I couldn't my own thread due to "highlighted errors" that didn't exist so I am posting under this similar issue. The first issue is that my Spotify will skip to alternate songs mid-song. Many times it skips to an artist from southeast Asia or India and I have no idea who the artists are. Sometimes it skips to other songs in my playlist.


Sometimes my Spotify will start playing music without my instruction. This can be inconvenient because I have to turn the volume off on my phone and my home computer because music has started playing randomly at inopportune times. 


Finally but least importantly, I follow dozens of playlists that I never selected. I don't particularly care for the music in these playlists but it's mostly annoying because it clutters up my feed and makes it hard for me to select the playlists I want. However, this is a minor issue compared to the first two. 


If anyone can help that would be amazing and I would really appreciate it. 

Aside from the random playlists, I also experience your stated issues such as changing to a random song from the playlist im listening to during a song. My spotify also randomly starts playing when i am not present, leading to hundreds of listens to "Drill Beats" while I am absent.


If you could please upvote/like the main post our problems are more likely to be noticed

Same here. I disabled the autoplay similar songs setting and that did nothing.


It seems like spotify keeps removing features I use and adding dumb stuff like this. So disappointing.

I am having the same issue.  Whenever I play a searched a song or play a song from a playlist after about 10 seconds a Latin song comes on evey time.  This has been hapening for weeks.  No one can listen to Spotify anymore.  We have been Premium users for years but will have no choice but to relinquish the service as we can't use it unless someone can help out with a fix.

This is happening across all Spotify devices including multiple phones and a notebook computer.  We have tried uninstalling and installing the app on all phones and the computer to no avail.



It's been over two months since I commented here. Meanwhile, Spotify released 2 updates with fixes (of whatever not known to me) on Android. So I gave it another shot and it worked fine for almost one week. Then it started to play some music I cannot stand, even less when it interrupts me from listening music I want to listen to... I turned it off, but it started to play on my Android smartphone again. And some seconds later again. I got quite angry or frustrated - maybe both - and uninstalled Spotify.


Just sad that it's been months (3? 4? More actually?) and the issue isn't gone. And I'm not the only one apparently, and this isn't a single post I've seen. So Spotify lost me, and I'm with a different music stream provider now. One is for sure: that's my last post here, I'm not coming back.


Have a good one, folks. Cheers!

I ahve the same issue - it just starts up with some random track for no reason at all !

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