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Windows 7 Ultimate


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 I have been on a Family Plan Premuim for sometime now. And suddenly, when I click on a playlist I've created, three new windows open in my Firefox (updated) browser - to three identical sites - that look very suspiciously like Adware sites.

I have tried uninstalling Spotify - and it refused to go.


I read an old 2016 thread about this same issue - why two years later are we still having this very alarming issue.


Any ideas...?


Thank you in advance!

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Hey @TattooMarcus.


That seems a bit odd. Can you send us a screenshot that shows this behavior you're mentioning?


We'll see what we can suggest.  

I knew I should've taken a screenshot lol I deleted the folder, tried some of the older mentions of a fix and I downloaded the file and reinstalled it. Seems to be working fine now? No more pop-ups?


Could it have been an older version I was running on or something? Still confused by it's refusal to uninstall with it's own .exe?



Hey @TattooMarcus.


That's definitely odd. It could've been an old version or something interfering with your Spotify app, but we're glad to hear it's working fine now.


Feel free to open a new thread if anything else comes up.



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