Spotify Premium [Login from China] Spotify Systems Compromised

Spotify Premium [Login from China] Spotify Systems Compromised

I have recently received the second email of this type:


Location/City/Country: China
Time: 2020 Aug 2 16:52:42 BST


It's clear Spotify has been compromised.   What is worrying me is that after signing out of all devices and changing passwords, the account was again compromised.  This means there is a clear open backdoor with Spotify. 

Why has this not received more media coverage?


Spotify is yet to implement two-factor support despite repeated hacks.


Looking online I can see this has been going on for months.  Spotify, why do you not hire security experts, implement 2FA and stop this?


I will be cancelling and moving back to Deezer.  I suggest everyone else on Premium does the same.

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Hey there @user-removed,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this!


We take security very seriously and our team is always striving to improve. If a third party has gained access to your account, we want to assure you that all of your payment information is secure. We recommend that you change the password on the email associated with your account as well as the password to your Facebook profile. More info on how to secure your account can be found in this article.


If you are still seeing suspicious activity on your account, reach out to our support team, as they will help you to secure your account further.


You can also leave your +Vote here and keep and eye on the page for updates on the topic of 2 factor authentication.


Hope this helps. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to reach out again.


Have a great day!

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