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Spotify Premium not showing on different laptop

Spotify Premium not showing on different laptop

Ok, I think I'm doing something stupid here.


I signed up to Spotify Premium on one laptop. When I go to use it on my other laptop (this one), it's only showing that I have a free account + my playlist subscriptions haven't been updated.


When I opened up Spotify on this laptop, it installed the latest software. I've tried logging in/off but it makes no difference.


Any tips on what I should be doing?



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Hey villaz_1989, welcome to the Community.


Are you definitely logging in with the same details in each case? I mean, with the same username rather than the email address?


The account I can see for you is on an Unlimited subscription, rather than Premium. Is that right?

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Yep - logging in with my Username


Should I just restart comp?

Ok - it was my own stupidity. Spotify wasn't connecting to the internet.


All good now - thanks for the quick response.

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