Spotify Premium will not let me cancel!!!


Spotify Premium will not let me cancel!!!

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I literally just signed up for Spotify Premium, but with the 30 day free trial. I've played around with it and it is not what I thought it was going to be.

I go to cancel it, it asks me to put in my Spotify password. Incorrect.

I log out of the system, log in, password is correct. I go back to try to cancel the subscription, and it still says incorrect password. I even change the password, and it still says it is incorrect. 


I'm freaking out, someone please help me!!!

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Re: Spotify Premium will not let me cancel!!!


I am having the same problem- I have tried different browsers, changed my password in facebook and have not gotten help.  I sent in a note on the contact form last week and they said they were "working on a solution"  meanwhile, I was just charged an additional month for membership and I cannot cancel it.  I don't care about a solution to the problem, I want them to cancel my account.


Re: Spotify Premium will not let me cancel!!!

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I am so frustrated!!! I can't find a phone number to call, and my account will be charged tomorrow and will be overdrawn because of this! Needing help badly, they said it would take 3 days for a respose....:womanfrustrated: