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Spotify Premium with Rogers


Spotify Premium with Rogers

Just upgraded my Rogers plan that includes Spotify Premium. But an error occured in Rogers system cause they changed my account number.

Since, I can't retrieve my Spotify Premium..... 


I tried to log ... log out ... re-log .... re-log out .... create a new Spotify account .... Nothing


There is anybody can help me please?


Thank You


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Solved by Rogers support

I have had a similar problem I already had an ongoing subscribtion and then my plan on rogers changed offering 2 years of spotify and it worked fine but as of yesterday my spotify premumium has just gone away and I've tried logging in and out restarting spotify please help

Hi I need to link my Rogers account to my premium spotify account so that i can get the next 6 months Free. How do I do that
This an extremely inconvenient way to get answers, and it says a lot about your company that I can't speak to a live agent. Clearly customer service isn't a priority. I want my question answered soon

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